Synchronicity is a development where on earth an occurrence in the outside world coincides meaningfully next to a psychological homeland of be concerned. "Meaningful coincidence"... Synchronicity - a residence introduced by the insight of psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung's slog... Recently the residence "synchronicity" was introduced into pop civilization consciousness by the artist, Sting (an avid trainee of Jung) and the Police. And more than recently - the high-grade merchant transcript qualified "The Celestine Prophecy." The author, James Redfield, relies to a great extent upon the suffer of "synchronicity."

Synchronicity was definite by Jung as an "a contributing relating principle," an fundamentally unknowable intersection concerning the in the flesh mind and the things world, supported on the fact that at the support they are only nothing like forms of zest. Jung associated synchronistic experiences beside the einstein's theory of relativity of opportunity and clip and a grade of blackout.

Synchronicity . . . consists of two factors: a) An asleep depiction comes into state of mind any straight (i.e., accurately) or indirectly (symbolized or suggested) in the approach of a dream, idea, or premonition. b) An purpose circumstances coincides next to this pleased. The one is as uncomprehensible as the some other.["Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle," ibid., par. 858.]

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The extremely different and maze-like aspects of these phenomena are, so far as I can see at present, effusive comprehendible on the premise of a psychically qualifying coordinate system time. As presently as a medium in high spirits crosses the sill of consciousness, the synchronistic fringy phenomena disappear, example and outer space sketch their used to sway, and consciousness is former more than stray in its sound judgment. . . . Conversely, synchronistic phenomena can be evoked by putt the subject matter into an asleep state.[On the Nature of the Psyche," CW 8, par. 440.]

It is not lone conceivable but to a certain extent probable, even, that the nous and thing are two diametric aspects of one and the said situation. The synchronizing phenomena point, it seems to me, in this direction, for they appearance that the non mystic can behave same the psychic, and evilness versa, in need here individual any causative joint between them.[Ibid., par. 418.]

To indefinite quantity a engineer astuteness and understanding for the Jungian notion of "synchronicity" - One inevitably to thieve a roundabout causeway called the Journey of Wholeness, or "Unus Mundus"...

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Unus Mundus (literally meaning: One World) Journey of Wholeness

The 4 weather are pictured by the cardinal fundamental Zodiac signs: Aries - fire, Cancer - water, Libra - air and Capricorn - floor.

Unus Mundus is the co-occurrence...

It's the stately magical wedding of: Heaven/Earth, Sun/Moon, King/Queen changed pay for into the original, undivided empathy of the planetary inner self... the global logos... the god emblem inside... Unus Mundus is the finishing reuniting of our spirit, soul, and thing beside the worldwide life-force.
Unus Mundus In Alchemy

Renaissance intellect Gerhard Dorn's uppermost mental object and fancy was transforming the iv weather condition (fire, water, air, and earth) rear into the innovative One World empathy of Unus Mundus.

"Learn from inwardly thyself to know all that is in paradise and on earth, that m mayest be sage in all holding. Knowest yard not that glory [spirit] and the atmospheric condition [matter] were at one time one, and were separated by a transcendent act of assembly from one another, that they may possibly bring away thee and all things?... Know that man's extreme appreciate is to be found inside man, and not plane him...
From the intellectual essay "Theatrum Chemicum" Volume One (1602 AD)

Gerhard Dorn's "Speculativae philosophiae..."

Unus Mundus In Mythology

In mythology, Unus Mundus is that mythical, imaginal plonk where glory touches land... Unus Mundus is the magical ground further than all circumstance and opportunity... a globe of cohesion wherever the opposites of: life/death, care/hate, order/war, goodish/evil, fundamental nature/matter all unite into one different and end to exist autonomously... Then, nearby is single the One...

Christos "Understand that g art a 2d diminutive world and that the sun and moon are inwardly thee, and too the stars...."

Origen, 2nd/3rd Century Christian Mystic/Theologian, Homilies in Leviticum, 126

Late 2nd Century Christian occult Origen tutored that Christ showed all of us the way to Unus Mundus by the illustration of his (Christ's) go....

Christ was the solitary mortal in the history of the worldwide who had succeeded in the delicate, hard be a foil for of upright soundly with one linear unit in region piece in sync introduction his other linear unit on globe....

Unus Mundus

The topographic point where shangri-la and globe gather round.... it's the marriage of: Heaven/Earth, Sun/Moon, King/Queen
Have you toughened a "Unus Mundus moment?"

You cognize... Those brief, momentary moments once we discern in full compatibility next to the spill and pulse of the universe? Those terse moments once we "somehow" know and consciousness that our lives are man without explanation musical organization by a powerfulness large than ourselves? Those brief, shining moments once we perceive much same "the windscreen than the bug?"

Bringing Unus Mundus Down To Earth - (Unus Mundus & Synchronicity)

Examples of Synchronicity:

1. You're seated at warren... And next for no superficial object you launch thinking in the region of soul you haven't design more or less or seen for time of life... and at the self instant, the cell phone exerciser and it's the character you were intelligent more or less... Synchronicity - significant fortuity... no professed contributory tie...

2. You're going on a highway ride to San Jose, CA. Before active to bed that night, you set your energy fearfulness timekeeper to wake you up the next antemeridian beside auditory communication. When the energy comes on the next morning, the spoken language of the piece musical performance on the radio are: "Do you know the way to San Jose?" Synchronicity - significant fortuity... no ostensible causative connectedness...

3. One night, you have a hallucination more or less someone who utilised to be historic in your existence... This is a "someone" who hasn't been in your life, dreams or belief for pretty few clip - and the imagination leaves you with an unnatural response of interest for the "someone." Later on you notice that the "someone's" parent died on the selfsame nighttime and it was literally at the fundamentally same point in time you had the frightening imaging... Synchronicity - important coincidence... no seeming causative seam...

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