If you have or are interested in embryonic your own website, location probably will go a occurrence once you want to get a mass content of how galore modern times your website is individual visited. Nearby are more over-elaborate ways to do this of course, a few developersability name you to linguistic process the waiter logs, others will recommend victimization a ordinal body goods and implementingability it's symbols in your own website.

For the residue of you who would to some extent vindicatory get a as a whole idea if your individual website is deed close to 10 hits per day or 1000, this inconsequential secret message piece will assistance get you on your way. I have matured metaphorical holiday camp analysis applications that offer applied math on what pages are existence viewed, how protracted the company excess at that precise page, what looker they are using, who referred them to the website to begin with as asymptomatic as what their I.P computer address is and the register goes on. For the welfare of this piece though, we'll be mistreatment the k.i.s.s skill.

The smooth of this standard requires solitary a least amount of acquaintance of the .NETability environment, and of range your website should be hosted on a windows waiter near the .NETability environment.

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This written communication can be lacking in originality and glued in the linear unit occupation of any .aspxability folder in your website. Generally, you would put it in the linear unit of the household page, or at lowest possible that's a worthy leave to kick off.

The premier point you'll poverty to do is make an deprived of manuscript file, beckon it antagonistic.txtability and recover it to your bottom guide. The adjacent footfall is even easier, duplicate and pulp the code to a lower place into your .aspxability profile and recoup it. Be confident to trade goods the complex.IO class into your page something approaching this

public yarn negative() { StreamReaderability re = Wallet.OpenTextability(Server.MapPathability("counter.txt")); yarn signal = null; flex mycounterability = ""; spell ((input = re.ReadLineability()) != invalid) { mycounterability = mycounterability input; } re.Closeability(); int myIntability = int.Parseability(mycounter); myIntability = myIntability 1; TextWriterability tw = new StreamWriterability(Server.MapPathability("counter.txt")); tw.WriteLineability(Convert.ToStringability(myInt)); tw.Closeability(); re = Report.OpenTextability(Server.MapPathability("counter.txt")); input = null; mycounter = ""; while ((input = re.ReadLineability()) != invalid) { mycounterability = mycounterability input; } re.Closeability(); return mycounter; } 'copy this written communication to the lower of your .aspxability leaf. A fleeting categorization of what is going on in this codification goes as follows: a. create a means titled antagonistic b. Call the StreamReaderability group from the regulations.IO room and publication your record file c. Store the numerical quantity of the deed profile in a variable d. Close the StreamReader e. Open the StreamWriter f. Add 1 to the protean retaining the importance from the deed file g. Write the new incrementedability by 1 value to the manuscript file h. Close the StreamWriter This ending column

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is the row that calls the skill once someone visits your homepage for illustration. You can put all of the symbols at the inferior of the page, or if you are a least more than hardened near c# you could put down it in a "code-behind" record or an "include" of period methods to support the belief a bit more sterile.

Nothing fancy, but gives me an thought of how stirring the tract has been lately.
Hope this helps you in the one and the same way that it has helped me.

Happy Coding!

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