A Virtual Classrooms or VCR is a study state of affairs that exists only in the fashion of digital ecstatic that is stored, and accessed done web of computers and statistics systems resembling PDAs, notebooks, mobiles etc.

Physical or Virtual Classrooms?

The chief unlikeness betwixt the biological schoolroom and the Virtual Classrooms is those of location, instance and spaces required by students and teachers to access and partake in schoolroom deeds. In the biological room a physical position must be visited at a inflexible event in establish to participate, patch a virtual room is not actually accessed and has no legitimate assured event or position which is a marvellous close.

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The way in which a instructor delivers revealing objects remains an big factor in the glory of both classrooms. Though both the classrooms conscript corresponding basic cognitive process theory, programme image and pedagogy, live personal interchange is not there in the VCR method, which may have a gloomy arguments.

May be the mixture is the blending tactic wherever geographical schoolroom research is cooperative near the practical schoolroom training, frankincense good-natured a wider reach of trainee necessarily.

As instruction in both the somatogenetic and virtual classroom is learner-centered, students revise by piquant in troop work, projects, discussions, and another jovial relating to real-world contexts. The VCR is in use to grant extra dealings and material, on next to the acquisition that occurs in the personal classroom.

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VCR Tools

The arch note/participation VCR tools are

  • E-mail
  • Discussion boards
  • Chat rooms
  • Whiteboards
  • Video/audio conferencing
  • Instant messaging
  • Podcasting/vodcasting
  • Teleconferencing
  • Weblogs
  • Wikis

These tools can be further metameric into two methods of research Synchronous and Asynchronous basic cognitive process.

Synchronous VCR Learning

Synchronous learning is memorandum or interchange of numbers at the selfsame occurrence concerning two or much general public i.e. in concrete example. In virtual classrooms, concurrent relations is used by students to spread near fellow standing members and their teachers. This provides definite instance relationship and encourages quantity thought. Chats, Video/audio conferencing, Podcasting/vodcasting, Teleconferencing are all Synchronous acquisition tools.

Asynchronous VCR Learning

Asynchronous research or communication does not come about in real-time, students or teachers are not modern in the aforementioned extraterrestrial and occurrence as all some other. The commands are delivered at one example and the tough grind is finished at a opposing juncture. Asynchronous research allows the educatee to analysis at their own celestial and in their own time, plus both the professor and the pupil plus point from because the total seminar is taped and can be repeated incessantly. E-mail, conference groups, whiteboards, wikis, weblogs, and forums are all Asynchronous research tools.


The virtual room transcends the boundaries of location, incident and opportunity providing a flexible research state of affairs for all. Schools, universities and business firm organizations lead way VCR Learning because it provides an marvellous way for experts to initiate a geographically circulated team of students without trouble.

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